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Havoc Handsfree Digital Video Camera – High Definition (1280×720)

Havoc Handsfree Digital Video Camera – High Definition (1280×720)

Havoc Handsfree Digital Video Camera – High Definition (1280×720)

Havoc Handsfree Digital Video Camera - High Definition (1280x720)

  • Low Profile Design and Ultra Lightweight – Weighs only 2.5 ounces!
  • Rugged Waterproof Aluminum Body – IP65 Rated Against Ingress of Dust and Waterproof Against Jets of Water
  • 1280×720 Video Resolution (720P High Definition) with 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens
  • Easy to Use, One Button On/Off/Record with Built-in Microphone
  • Rechargeable Battery with 3 Hour Battery Life – Both Home and Car Chargers Included!

Everyone wants to video record their sports and activities, but no one wants to be stuck holding the camera! Now everyone can video record the action, and stay in the action at the same time, with the Havoc720HD. The Havoc720HD is an affordable, 720P high definition (1280×720) handsfree digital video camera designed for use during sports and outdoor activities. The camera is constructed of a rugged all aluminum body and is beyond weatherproof with an IP65 rating (dust tight and waterproof against jets of water). The Havoc720HD features a 120 degree wide angle lens to capture all the action. A single control button to turn the camera on and off and record videos means the Havoc720HD will never take your focus away from your sport. The camera’s internal rechargeable battery runs for 3 hours on a full charge and your videos are conveniently saved to microSD cards (memory card not included). Recorded videos are compatible with both PC and MAC. Use your favorite video editing software to create movies or simply upload your Havoc720HD videos direct to YouTube or other video site. The Havoc720HD is small, lightweight and designed so that it does not get in the way of what’s important – your sports. The video camera is 3.75 inches long and approximately 1.0 inch in diameter and is the size and shape of a mini flashlight. The camera weighs an amazingly light 2.5 ounces! All of these specifications mean that the Havoc720HD will mount anywhere discretely and will never get in the way. The Havoc720HD comes with a large selection of mounts so that you are sure to get that cool angle and shot. It mounts quickly and easily to helmets, handlebars, seat posts, goggle straps, vehicles, and any other creative location. Havoc720HD also includes both AC and DC chargers so you can always recharge the camera and get back into the action. The Havoc720HD handsfree video camera is designed to capture all the action without taking you out of the action, in HD! See more at HavocSport.com.

List Price: $ 73.78

Price: $ 122.46

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