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Fujifilm Endeavor 210ix Zoom APS Film Camera

Fujifilm Endeavor 210ix Zoom APS Film Camera

Fujifilm Endeavor 210ix Zoom APS Film Camera

Fujifilm Endeavor 210ix Zoom APS Film Camera

  • Point and Shoot
  • APS
  • With Zoom Lens

Product Information
Fuji Endeavor 210ixZoom features 22.5-45mm (2X) zoom lens. It has a drop-in film loading and 3 print formats with Real Image Zoom. You’ll find its viewfinder and Information Exchange (ix) very useful. You can always use its auto flash with red-eye reduction, self-timer and LCD display to your full convenience.

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Key Features
Camera Type Point and Shoot
Film Type APS
Zoom Lens With Zoom Lens

Focus Type Autofocus
Focus Lock With Focus Lock

ISO Range – Automatic Setting ISO 100 – 400
Auto Exposure No

Red Eye Reduction With Red Eye Reduction

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 4.99

Kodak T550 Advantix APS Camera

Kodak T550 Advantix APS Camera

  • Ultracompact design with drop-in film loading
  • 3-element, all-glass 28mm lens
  • 130-zone active autofocus
  • Special flip-up flash with 5 modes reduces red eye
  • 3 print formats, date imprinting, and 5-language titling

The Kodak Advantix T550 autofocus camera offers an ultracompact design–one of the smallest cameras in its class. It offers fully automatic operation and shutter speeds ranging from 1/500 to 1/4 of a second. It offers an active 130-zone focus mechanism for clear shots every time, and five flash modes. The specially designed flash flips up to put extra distance between flash and lens to help eliminate red-eye problems, and flips down to turn off the camera and protect the lens.

Film loading, as with any APS camera, is drop-in simple, and you can change film canisters midway through a roll. Users choose between three print formats on every shot. Users can also date-stamp and add messages to the back of prints with a five-language print-titling feature.

The Kodak Advantix T550 comes with one roll of Kodak Advantix color print film, a 3-volt lithium Kodak battery, coupon book, survey card, instruction manual, and a detachable camera strap with control-button activator. Also included is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

List Price: $ 40.00

Price: $ 40.00

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