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Canon Elph LT 270 Zoom APS Camera Kit Reviews

Canon Elph LT 270 Zoom APS Camera Kit Reviews

Canon Elph LT 270 Zoom APS Camera Kit

Canon Elph LT 270 Zoom APS Camera Kit

  • Ultracompact APS-format point-and-shoot
  • 24-65mm 2.7x autofocus zoom lens
  • Multi-mode flash features red-eye reduction
  • Automatic film loading, advance, and rewind, plus 3 print sizes
  • Features date imprinting and self-timer

The Canon Elph LT 270 camera gives you the options of three custom shooting functions so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. You can select from real-time shutter release, flash mode preservation, or autorewind so you can shoot in absolute silence. This camera has an active autofocus system with center one-point measurement that uses PSD and IRED as the measurement element, giving you a focusing range of 1.5 feet to infinity.

The 2.7x zoom lens lets you take close-up images of your friends and family or any subject you want. The LT 270 comes with three print sizes, including panorama so you can capture large group shots or breathtaking landscapes. With the real-image viewfinder, you can switch between all three image sizes (C, H, and P) and know exactly how your image will be framed before you take the picture. You also get information on the camera’s settings inside the viewfinder, including: object lens frame, close-up frame, AF frame, standard size mask (C size), panorama size mask (P size). A green “OK to shoot” and an orange “camera shake warning/flash ready” are visible on the LED indicators outside the viewfinder eyepiece.

For those times when you can’t use flash photography, like at a concert or museum, you can turn the built-in flash off. The LT 270 also has a slow-sync flash mode that gives your nighttime images sharp foregrounds and gently glowing backgrounds, while the red-eye reduction feature helps eliminate the glowing red eyes flash photography can cause, giving your portraits a more natural look.

Canon’s IX (information exchange) feature records the following: date, print aspect ratio, cartridge loading direction, subject brightness, title, magnification, artificial lighting, flash use, flash exposure, and print quality of each image. This information is recorded on the film using a single track, write-only magnetic recording head and is then transferred from the camera to the film. Your photo finisher then uses this information to give you the high-quality prints available.

List Price: $ 90.00

Price: $ 73.00

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